Signing the Code of Practice for Yuan-cultivating Teachers is a basic requirement, and it is even more important for them to voluntarily join the World Yuan-cultivating Teachers’ Headquarters and become members of this organization for life. The specific way is to sign the Agreement on Entering the Valley and hold a special ceremony for entering the Valley. At present, it is done in conjunction with the issuing ceremony.

This kind of thing is not as simple as joining a company and finding a job. The cultivation center teaches the practice method and the cultivation conditions meet the needs of the practice of Taoism, law, teachers, couples, land and finance.
If you are successful in practice, you will have a different life experience beyond the mundane physical and mental realm, raise Yuangu to understand the mystery of nature, continue training and study, receive guidance from your mentor, and master all kinds of incredible magical powers.
Raising Yuangu for them is not only a status, but also a job, which is different from giving birth, raising and success.
After signing the Agreement on Entering the Valley, the full members of Yangyuan Valley shall not do anything that betrays the organization of Yangyuan Division and harms the interests of Yangyuan Valley, but shall be managed and deployed in a unified way from Yangyuan Valley.
Of course, Yangyuan Valley will also ensure their life practice, not only continue to practice guidance, but also help the four-level Yangyuan instructors in the register to enjoy the fifth-level treatment equivalent to Huanxiang Industrial Body.
Huanxiang industrial post salary system is divided into nine levels, and the administrative and career compilation of China also refers to this system. These four-level students may stay in Yuangu or be sent to various jobs outside the mountain.
Huan Xiang, what kind of cadre is the fifth level of the Ministry of Industry? If compared with Dongguo, Guinea is also a country, which governs seven state regions, such as Banda City. Although translated, the city is equivalent to a province in Dongguo, regardless of the size, then the fifth-level cadre is the provincial department level.
Specifically, for example, the director of the education bureau of the city of Somalia is the fifth-level position in Guinea, and every formal fourth-level student can at least enjoy the fifth-level treatment.
Of course, this is a salary, not a position, and it is the minimum guarantee. In fact, the position and salary may be higher. For example, Li Jingzhi is currently a friar of the four borders, but he holds a rank and enjoys the rank treatment.
It is easy to understand this situation. They are all members of this huge organization department.
There is another situation. Although there are no opportunities at present, I’m afraid there will be few opportunities in the future. What if someone breaks through the third or fourth level but is unwilling to sign the Agreement on Entering the Valley?
Of course, there will be no further training and guidance for this kind of person to raise Yuangu, so he should be a "wild Yuangu teacher". There must be many wild Yuangu teachers who have already flowed out in the future because of Yuangu’s cultivation.
There is a second kind of person who can get the chance of nature, which is aimed at the situation of Yogaole.
Of course, the great god craftsman who is about to be happy is not a talent trained by Yangyuan Art Center.
People like him want to practice from the beginning to prove that the skill of nourishing Yuan can break through the fourth level of nourishing Yuan Valley, just as they are willing to absorb it, provided that they voluntarily sign the Code of Practice for Cultivating Yuan Teachers and are willing to sign the Agreement on Entering the Valley, and promise to join the valley and manage it from the valley in a unified way.
This requires people to apply for Yangyuan Valley, which may or may not be approved. After receiving the application, Yangyuan Valley can issue certificates to them, give them the chance of luck, and arrange workers to implement the treatment as the first kind of people.
Strictly speaking, Wang Fengshou, Li Jingzhi, Shen Si, Locke and Lian Na are all the second kind of people. They are also members of Yangyuan Valley and important backbone leaders.
In the folder where Manman gave Yue Gao Le, it was the "Rules for Cultivating Yuan Teachers" and the "Agreement on Entering the Valley". After looking through and studying the appearance of Yue Gao Le, Hua Zhenxing was introduced for a long time.
About Gao Le looked up and said, "Hua Guzhu, the boss of China’s general manager, said that there are two kinds of people who can get the chance of luck here, and I can’t find anything wrong with it. But you just introduced the situation, but some places were thoughtless and there were major omissions!"
Hua Zhenxing asked, "What omission? Please ask Mr. Yue for advice! "
About Gao Le patting the folder, "Yangyuan art has long been out, and whoever learns it will teach you! If you don’t train your own yuan-cultivating teachers, aren’t you a yuan-cultivating teacher? Wild yuanyangshi may come from all over the world in the future, and Yangyuan Valley is the holy land they yearn for!
This kind of people may not be convenient for them to sign the Agreement on Entering the Valley. Even if someone is willing to sign and apply, you may not approve it. But if they are willing to sign the Code of Practice for Cultivating Yuan Teachers, I can issue them a certificate if I adopt Yuan Gu.
The significance of certification means that the certification qualification will turn Yangyuan Valley into Yangyuan Shuwei certification institution from the beginning of its establishment! What does it mean to be the only certification body in the world?
Although they are not members of Yangyuan Valley, they can join the "International Yangyuan Art Association" as members. I see that the "International Yangyuan Art Association" sign is also hung at the entrance of your building. If you don’t do this, wouldn’t it be for nothing?
Yangyuan Valley can certify them and issue certificates at all levels, and it is the only recognized certificate. They become members of the International Yangyuan Art Association, and Yangyuan Valley can also carry out unified supervision and management in the name of the association to form a trend! "
Mann’s eyes lit up and said, "That’s a good idea. So can such people get help?"
About Gao Le "not signed the" Agreement on Entering the Valley ",of course, we can’t if our own people don’t formally join Yangyuan Valley!
However, those who are willing to sign the Code of Practice for Yuan-cultivating Teachers can be awarded certificates at all levels to become members of the International Yuan-cultivating Association.
Like this, members of Yangyuan Valley don’t give instruments to the artifact inheritance and the mystery of the cave array, so don’t even think about it, but if possible, they can continue to teach the cultivation of Yuangu to a higher level.
There will be many people like this in the future, even all over the world. They have proved that they have the talent to break through the four borders, and I am afraid they will become the targets of various schools. Yangyuan Valley has such advantages. Why not organize them in a unified way?
And I’m sure that most of them will be willing to apply and want to formally join Yangyuan Valley if conditions permit.
After all, they are cultivating the foundation, who doesn’t want to take it to the next level? Whether these applications will be approved or not depends on how you assess them.
You can accommodate 3,000 students here now, and it will become a scale of 10,000 people in the future. If you train yourself from scratch, when will it be full? What root dissatisfaction … This is the right way. "
About Gao Le finally finished this long speech. Hua Zhenxing couldn’t help but clap his thigh. "Mr. Yue, thank you so much! Kefu asked me to hang a’ International Association for Nourishing Yuan’ card before the gate, but I didn’t know what his old man really meant, but you woke me up! "
The discussion in the reception room was very lively, and the topic unconsciously deviated. I wanted to ask for a chance by the way, but I discussed the development plan of Yangyuan Art Association at the headquarters of Yangyuan Division.
Who is the most embarrassed? It was Pan Cai who represented the original nineteen Dingfengtan brothers. They couldn’t participate in the topic at all, but they listened carefully and hardly missed every word.
At the back of Yang Laotou’s courtyard, Kefu seems to be impressed. "Joko is still a little too tender than Xiaohua."
Yang Lao head shook his head. "Who is that about Gao Le? Xiaohua has a very good eye, and he doesn’t have to be too demanding. "
Mo Shang Tong suddenly asked, "Are you sure you can beat Gao Le if Lao Yang really starts work?"
Yang Lao head sneer at two "I can be afraid of him? Real … For my generation, what’s the matter? In the end, if you really want to start fighting, you have already fallen by. "
The meeting room has been discussed almost. Hua Zhen concluded, "Mr. Yue, I said that you should meet the second condition. If you apply, I would like to ask if you would like to join Yangyuan Valley?"
About Gao Le looked at the folder in his hand and shook his head with a wry smile. "There is something special about my identity. It is no problem for me to sign the Code of Practice for Cultivating Yuan Teachers, but I can’t join Yangyuan Valley and Yangyuan Valley Workers. This Agreement for Entering the Valley can’t be signed."
Manman kindly advised, "Actually, we can arrange a suitable post for you according to your actual situation or simply ask you to raise a communication contact person in Yuangu Gangbisting."
In terms of treatment, you have superb nine-realm practice, which can give you the highest level, that is, you can enjoy the nine-level treatment equivalent to Huanxiang Industrial Body. In fact, monks Dacheng can enjoy this level of treatment.
Do you know a few miles? Sooner or later, the new alliance will liberate Guinea and Guinea, and the national political rank system will also be established with reference to Huanxiang Industry. The future president of Guinea is also a nine-level post …
Of course, you are not treated like this, but we can allow you to get the brand of Fufengpan and understand the mystery of Yangyuan Valley in this way. This is not for you personally, but for Yangyuan Valley. "
About Gao Lehe folder sighed, "Yes, if you don’t make rules to raise Yuangu Mountain, I’m afraid it will be flattened!" Is there no other way to deal with my situation? "
God, how many monks have never touched artifacts in their lives? What’s more, the God said that the Emperor of Tai Hao personally sacrificed and refined the artifact to help the wind!
Yu Xianjia’s cave boundary can only be owned by big clansmen since ancient times, but only the high-level clansmen are qualified to take charge of the cave array and understand the mystery.
At present, these dreams are hard to find opportunities, and the requirements are very low. If you can break through the four realms, you can get the brand of Fufengpan and understand the core of Fufengpan to create the mystery of Yangyuan Valley.
If there were no restrictions, wouldn’t Yangyuan Valley be broken? When the time comes, people from all walks of life will come in droves to raise Yuangu. Who will promise and who will not? And then again, why give people such an opportunity in vain?
The so-called four realms practice is the minimum requirement, because the four realms can be used to subdue the apparatus, otherwise, there is no enlightenment at all, and this chance of nature is useful even for the monks who have reached the extreme of the world. Did you ask for it without reading the appointment?
Hua Zhen thought for a while and said slowly, "Mr. Yue said that you are not willing to formally join Yangyuan Valley and Yangyuan Valley, so I would like to have another mouth in view of your situation."
If you are willing to raise Yuangu for ten years and swear not to brand your soul with mystery, I think it is also possible to get the mystery here. This is the third kind of person.
In this case, someone has to apply, and it must be a rare talent in Yangyuan Valley. Mr. Yu Yue, if you want to apply, we will definitely approve it and welcome it! "
The trip to Hua Zhen is equivalent to giving a goalkeeper to Yue Gaole, relaxing the conditions to the third person to raise Yuangu for ten years, and vowing not to keep the secret. This is equivalent to signing a ten-year labor agreement and a permanent confidentiality agreement with a company.
Mann added, "We will also arrange the most suitable position for you in this decade, and enjoy the ninth-grade treatment. Everything is easy to discuss. We are very short of talents here now, let alone a peerless master like Mr. Yue."
About Gao Le sighed again. "Even so, I can’t do it."
Hua Zhen also sighed, "It’s a pity that there is no way out."
About Gao Le holding a free and unfettered banner said, "Even if you offer an artifact, isn’t it negotiable?"
Hua Zhen line shook his head. "This is not a discussion. Please ask Mr. Yue to take things back. This mouth can’t."
If you promise Mr. Yue today, someone may come to talk about all kinds of conditions or give something, or give sponsors threats and inducements tomorrow. "
At this time, all the onlookers understood and witnessed on the spot that those who meet the conditions of Yangyuan Valley, even the indigenous people in the Black Wilderness mainland, can get this opportunity; Those who don’t meet the requirements can’t even ask for an artifact from a Nine Realms Great God craftsman.


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