Jingzhou Xiangyang
A young military commander knelt down at Cai Tianhua with a pike and shouted, "The right man Cheng Xiao hopes to work for an adult."
Chapter VI insult others.
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Cheng Xiao is Ji Fan’s sworn brother, and it was also present at the beginning. Ji Fan also sealed the password because he was afraid that he would be framed by local forces
Now Cheng Xiao has already started early.
The reason is that
His master said, "dutiful son, your martial arts are much higher than that of your teacher, but you can’t cross that step because a military commander is a real military commander when he is on the battlefield."
"But what do you take to take refuge in JiFan warlords? Don’t tell me that you are his brother. Don’t you dare to "novel network" so that you can take tens of thousands of foot soldiers to take refuge in Cai Tianhua first when you have a chance to behead Cai Tianhua’s head.
Cheng Xiao thought about it and set off for Jingzhou.
When I arrived in Jingzhou Xiangyang went straight to the palace.
Cai Tianhua looked at Cheng Xiao’s "sex" and wondered, "Is it so good to command a third-rate person with first-class force and peerless intelligence?" The mouth is friendly to Cheng Xiaobi, delivering the house and sealing the official.
After a series of procedures, Cheng Xiao inexplicably gained two Maggie’s mansion, some money and an official position as a general of Yamen.
Cheng Xiaoxin sneered, "There’s no way to buy me off, my brother. That’s because Ji Fan deserves less credit and has passed the title of general."
Cheng Xiao’s superficial kung fu is still very calm. He doesn’t "show" the color of the happy god or the color of other gods.
Always calm down and face Cai Tianhua.
This makes Cai Tianhua pay more attention to Cheng Xiao
What does this say?
This means that this Cheng Xiao can not be bought with money, nor can it be bought with benefits.
In this way, once a person recognizes the Lord, he will be loyal.
This made Cai Tianhua even more excited.
It’s hard to find top talents, and it’s not like money and interests will "confuse" them.
However, Cai Tianhua’s vigilance is still very high, otherwise he would not have escaped from Ji Fan for so many times.
Cai Tianhua decided to find out whether other forces belong before making a decision.
Let the foot soldiers arrange Cheng Xiaoxian to live, and then they recruited Xun Xiu.
Xun Xiu came in and Cai Tianhua said, "Send someone to find out if there is any vassal called Cheng Xiao, and ask him again."
Xunxiu’s heart jumped and he walked away with a superficial "promise"
Cai Tianhua rubbed his head and said, "I hope not. I can’t bear to kill such a big talent."
Yecheng in Hebei province
Jifu backyard
JiFan narrowing her eyes flashing cold light look at the physician.
The physician face "color" calm heart but some weak secretly thinking "bad JiFan how to appear here to see his eyes don’t know my plan? It can’t be that you want to blow me up, and even if you die, I will get rid of your child. "
Ji Fan pretended to ask, "What’s your name?"
The physician’s face "color" humbly said that "the genus name is Huang Se"
Yellow [color]
Ji Fan nodded and said, "Good name. So you’re here to kill someone?"
The physician "color" knelt down in panic and said, "I dare not belong to the two ladies for medical treatment."
Ji Fan nodded and said, "Yes, the healer, the healer, my child will lose her gentle son. You can’t get away from this. Why are you running to the palace when you have nothing to do?"
Wen Waner knelt down and said in a panic, "The master is a servant who claims to be Wen’s family. When he called me there, he was taken by this physician with an imperial edict to let me take him in here to see his wife."
JiFan nodded and said, "is it? Oh, go away. What about you? Have something to say "
The physician turned angry and said, "General, you can’t do this. You can’t talk nonsense without evidence."
JiFan sneer at.
You still need proof for killing people?
What a joke!
Ji Fan’s Quotations: "I don’t need you to admit that I want to admit that you are enough."
This time JiFan smile asked "evidence? I, Ji Fan, killed people. Have you ever heard of evidence? In this case, I’ll take it as your default. "
Qiang Qiang! ! ! !
The sword comes from the sky.
That moment
The physician lost consciousness at the moment.
Ji Fan said to the door, "Two people came in and dragged the body away to clean it up."
The door came in quickly, and four eunuchs came in with their heads down.
One of them walked out with a head pinned to his waist.


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