Look straight at the red moon in the sky

The tentacle wound around his body have disappeared before I know it.
Xu Le glanced at the edge of the sky and suddenly found two red tentacles damaged by dark corrosion.
Immediately, it didn’t disappear, but the dark force of the night demon came into play
Too strong! It’s really strong.
Is it powerful to face the Red Crescent?
The strongest level and level 9 collision?
Nowadays, the Nightmare is so powerful that it can take the initiative to attack 9-level creatures, which shows this gesture that you can resist me.
"It was the right choice to mix with eldest brother, but eldest brother …"
Xu Le glanced at his body white Wolf slightly sigh.
There is not much time left for eldest brother.
And the eldest brother left him little time …
There is fading fire on the edge of the night terrors’ darkness, which can barely suppress the darkness in the night terrors’ body.
To control her strength growth.
But now the fading fire has been handed over to Xu Le, and there is no limit to the dark power of the night demon body, which is growing wildly all the time.
During this period, wandering Xu Le can’t imagine that the darkness of the night terrors has expanded to such an extent.
She left the Red Crescent Temple to eat and drink, and perhaps she also had the idea of letting the Red Crescent force suppress her darkness.
Xu Le turned his eyes to the sky after finishing his thoughts.
His pupil sparkled with fading fire, devouring the soul tree and powerful psychic blessing. Xu Le also looked the Red Crescent in the eye.
This is the first time that he truly dominates the eye contact.
A lot of information flow was handed out in the eye collision between the two sides
Xu Le feels that Red Crescent has many things to say and many emotions to express.
But it seems to express that kind of complex emotions and consciousness.
Finally, Xu Le felt that a message was revealed in the red crescent eye information flow.
I’m looking forward to your arrival.
Xu Le was slightly dumbfounded, and then he felt the rapid passage of time and the collapse of the world.
Finally, he returned to the original point.
Back to the place where he just came to the white jade platform.
Looking at the moon in the sky, the moon just now, everything seems to be a fleeting illusion.
But is that really an illusion?
Xu Le felt a fading fire in his body and a restless soul-eating tree.
Everything is true for nothing.


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