See the male appearance Simon pole, sun ning smoke two people exclaimed at the same time.

In a flash, a faint sadness flooded everyone’s mind.
Jian Yang Ling Tian never leaves his body.
And now Yanglingtian is missing, but it is held by the demon emperor.
No! It’s impossible that Yang Dage was not his opponent before he broke through the demon emperor pole more than 100 years ago. It’s impossible that Yang Dage must be fine.
Sun Ning smoke lost ground and murmured softly.
But Nangong Yan smiled. "Yang Gong is fine, and he can’t make the sword turn into a master."
Sun Ning spent a while smoking, but suddenly his eyebrows were wrinkled up doubtfully. "Didn’t you say that Zhulun Jian has the ability to ask for a song?" Even if "
"Ha ha ~ ~ ~" Nangong Yan smiled and stretched out her hand and gently touched her forehead. "Silly girl, do you think that the demon emperor was not desperately looking for a sword? If the sword of Zhuan Lun becomes the main object, what can he not make him steal it for? According to my guess, he should have some kind of secret method to control the sword in a short time or let him achieve some kind of obvious secret method failure. There is a possibility that Yang Gong is now safe and sick! "
"Not bad!" Sun Ning’s smoke flashed with joy.
At the same time, the demon emperor seems to feel the strange behind him and slowly turned around.
"You ~ ~ ~" Slightly paused. When his eyes fell on the soul stone in Nangong Yan’s hands, he suddenly patted his head and burst into laughter as if he suddenly remembered something.
"Ha ha ~ ~ ~ I figured it out. It’s really hard. I didn’t expect you to run to the door to help me solve the problem that I can’t turn my sword. God helps me!"
"Help you solve the problem that you can’t turn the sword?" Sun Ning Yan frowned and looked at Simon next to him. "Is this fat guy crazy?"
"hmm? Don’t panic, let me have a look. "It is confirmed that master Simon, who is in a state of illness in Yangling, has also instantly relaxed his mood and nodded his head after a look at the demon emperor.
"Well, it’s good. Distracted eyes and crazy laughter are typical madness."
Speaking at the same time, his fat belly naturally stood up and looked like a master. "But fortunately, you met me. My old man’s house is knowledgeable and well versed in Qihuang Road. Rejuvenation can make the bones and raw meat even if Hua Tuo is near-re-embodiment, Bian Que will return to the king."
"When I left the dynasty, I wanted to see a doctor. The nobles of the palace lined up from my door to the border!"
"I have seen bloodshed on my side!"
Simon narrated a lot of words in a fat rut with a strong popping sound.
However, the demon emperor ignored the fat impassioned speech and stared straight at the soul stone in Nangong Yan’s hand without looking at him.
He felt a little tired, swallowed and put his hands behind his back, waiting for the other party to beg for him.
Demon emperor extremely eyes finally turned light saw his one eye "? Then please shut up. "
"Ga ~ ~ ~" Fat for a like being hit from heaven to hell, so wonderful eyes seem to be looked at by people, and at the same time, the atmosphere is still very demon emperor to react.
Because the demon emperor didn’t look at him at all, he raised his hand directly to and from the opposite Nangong Yan and reached over to "give me the soul stone"
The nangongshan Yan is also one leng. Although she denies that the demon emperor will be fooled by fat and beg him to see a doctor, it is somewhat unexpected to ask for the soul stone.
She slowly lifted the stone in her hand. "Do you want it?" When she spoke, her brow wrinkled with doubt
When I entered this place, the demon emperor was in a state of semi-madness. Later, when I saw this soul stone in my hand, I suddenly felt very refreshed. Even Simon’s cynicism didn’t mean anything. It was too abnormal and almost demon!
Does he think this soul stone and Yang are public?
Looking at the other person’s hand, the sword turned round and swept an idea. Nangong Yan came to mind. She raised the soul stone in her hand and smiled. "Hehe ~ ~ Is the bodhi old zu of the ancient demon family also interested in an ordinary soul stone?"
"Is it still meaningful for you to talk to me now?" I saw Nangong Yan’s attempt to demon the emperor and took a proud look at hundreds of people in front of him. "Your highest cultivation is just the early days of the earth god. I can just raise my hand and let you go to dust."
"Oh, how the sky is full of cows!" Simon is very strange.
Just now, such an excellent speech was directly regarded as good and difficult to seize the opportunity, but it was cynical. How can you give up? That will be struck by lightning!
He glanced at the demon emperor with a slight lift of his head. "You really don’t need to make a draft. Ha, more than one hundred years ago, you were no match for Yang Dage. In this century, Zhongyang Dage repaired by leaps and bounds. Have you seen him yet?" Well, blow it well before he comes, or when he comes, I’m afraid some people will become dead cows. "
"The practice of Yanglingtian is really a genius." The demon emperor nodded without any anger.
Hold your head high as if the world owes him hundreds of billions, but Master Simon is at a loss.


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