The original focus on Max Dylan’s camera rotation focused the lens department on Spider-Man, who sold well

The wheel of fortune will swing round again
Max Dylan looked at several big screens and his figure was replaced by Spider-Man.
"No, no, no"
Heaven sees pity.
At this moment, Max Dylan once again changed from a high-profile figure to a small person who was ignored.
Max Dylan looked around, and the onlookers didn’t panic, so they called him names.
And Spider-Man on the other side?
"Come on"
"I love you"
"so handsome"
There is a striking contrast between the tandem.
Max Dylan is angry.
He looked at several big screen Spider-Man extreme.
Max Dylan looked at Spider-Man and said strangely and calmly, "You set me up."
Peter Parker was stunned and immediately said, "No, I didn’t frame you, man. Calm down. We can talk."
At this moment, Max Dylan has long been unable to listen, and the arc in his hands is getting worse. "You lied to me."
"No, I want to help you. Let me help you," Spider-Man said quickly.
Max Dylan knelt down and stared at the beating arc in his hands.
One second
Shout with both hands on the ground
at this moment
Ten times more powerful than before, the shock wave of the arc is instantaneous, and madness is sweeping in all directions.
Spider-Man face that arc shock wave that swept towards him and quickly jump towards the back.
Look around at the crowd screaming, panicking and running.
It is conductive.
Fortunately, there is no rain outside the warning line today, and the onlookers are still safe.
Light flint
Spider-Man swung a fire hydrant and directly blasted Max Dylan into a display screen at the top of Times Square Building.
But he was also blasted into the ruins by an arc shock wave.
a moment
Times Square is the disappearance of this area.
One more second.
As the power is 100%, Max Dillinger stands up for the moment.
There are beautiful fireworks all around.
Max Dylan felt the pleasure of body energy and looked up.
Panic around is the most beautiful thing for him.
He enjoys this feeling very much.
But the insurance company may not agree.
This blow
God, the insurance company may be crying on the street …
It is easier to destroy than to build.
This is the law.
soon afterwards
The fire truck arrived late, wearing a fire hat, and Spider-Man directly slammed Max Dylan, who was in narcissism.
Once again, the light man threw himself on the street.
Hit the ground and convulse.


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