Nine nodded. "Look at you, you’re not so good at it. Yes, I am Jiuchong! What about Ouyang Tianque, the immortal? I came to visit him on purpose today, and he didn’t say he would come out to meet him in person. !”

Xiangyun smell speech cloudy and cold laughed. "Hey hey … nine heavy you can also take advantage of it now. Wait a minute. The pavilion owner’s old man’s house is a great pipe that makes you prostrate! !”
Nine heavy smell speech face instantly sank to judge from Xiangyun’s arrogant expression that he didn’t like to tell a lie, so they still came a little late. Ouyang Tianque has already taken care of the detained girls!
Think of this nine heavy squeeze out a few words from his teeth "… kill him! !”
Li Tang smell speech beside nine heavy word end gun at Xiangyun is a fierce shot!
Being able to escape from kill array last night, Xiangyun was not a provincial oil lamp, so it was not a provincial oil lamp. The guards always guarded against the submachine gun in their hands. When they heard the word "kill him" from Jiuchong, they knew that it was not good to dodge because of injuries. Have you reached out and pulled a brother from the side to do a shield in front of them?
Poor little brother was beaten to death!
Xiangyun hid behind the body of the younger brother and shouted to the younger brothers of Tenglong Pavilion, "All of them will defend Tenglong Pavilion to the death and fight a larger foe with them! !”
The younger brother was about to move Ye Yu and quickly shouted, "Dear brothers! Listen … Listen to me and don’t make a move! Xiang Yungen never thought that you wanted to die for nothing. Didn’t you see his brother who died in vain? !”
All the Tenglongge brothers can’t help but hesitate when they smell the news, but there are still some younger brothers who don’t listen to Ye Yu’s advice and shout, "Ye Yu, you traitor, die!" !” A rush to the dragon teeth guards gun blunt come over!
Nine heavy nai shook his head and said that it was really a good word to persuade the damn ghost to "shoot! !”
"Chug chug-! !” In an instant, hundreds of people fell to the ground and died, but others continued to rush behind them. Some brothers were about to cross the distance between the two sides and rush near!
Dragon teeth guards need to be informed by words at first sight. Everyone pulls a Grenade from the waist and bites the tab and throws it out together!
"Boom boom! !” After a string of renju explosions, the smoke dispersed and the dead bodies rushed to the farewell field. Fortunately, Brother Tenglong was sent to see the terrifying by the secret grenade bombing department!
If people who practice ancient martial arts don’t reach a certain height, they will face submachine guns and grenades, which are modern killing weapons, like chopping boards.
Nine heavy looked at the other half of the Tenglongge brother’s rest and asked, "Do you still want to be generous and defend Tenglongge to the death?" !”
Jiuzhong’s tone of voice is very relaxed, but it is chilling to hear the call of death in the ears of a group of Tenglong Ge brothers opposite at the moment!
Xiangyun has never seen such a cruel scene. Hundreds of talented Tenglongge brothers are killed in the blink of an eye, and their legs and stomachs are trembling with fear. However, the spiritual pillar in his heart has not yet fallen. He still firmly believes that Ouyang Tianque will still belong to them in the final victory!
Although my heart was trembling with fear, I still pretended to be calm on the surface. I saw that my left brother was intimidated by nine cruel means and shouted at him, "What are you afraid of?" I’m not afraid to give it to me. I must insist on calling them blood out when the cabinet owner comes out! !”
Hearing Xiangyun’s words, the younger brothers can’t help but be tempted again!
Ye Yu, these people, after all, have the same friendship, and many of them are good with him. It is really unbearable to see them die in vain. He shouted, "Listen to me, brothers, don’t move. It is really not worth it if you die like this! Do you know why I want to oppose the cabinet master with Brother Xuan Ye? I’ll tell you the truth, although the cabinet owner usually looks like a sage-like, upright and upright person in our eyes, he is actually a despicable, insidious and cunning villain! Do you know that the door owner secretly robbed many girls from the mountain? On the one hand, these girls improved their skills, on the other hand, they were inferior to other pigs and dogs for their daily fun! !”
"What …? !” Ouyang Tianque’s detention of women is limited, and very few people know that the remaining disciples are in the dark and have no knowledge! Hearing Ye Yu’s words, the younger brothers are not surprised to stay inexplicable!
Ye Yu took a look at his words and pointed to Xiangyun’s way "Xiangyun also knows and directly participated in this matter!" Ask him if you don’t believe me! !”
Brother smell speech department twist a head to xiang Yun Xiang cloud said expression changing guilty way "you … you don’t listen to Ye Yu this traitor, how could I know that the cabinet master is doing this kind of business ….. not cabinet master root didn’t do such a thing! Ye Yu, a traitor, is spreading lies to mislead people and sow discord! !”
Brother Teng Longge has been isolated from the world in the mountains for many years, practicing martial arts, not being wet behind the times, not having so many thoughts, all of which are very simple. When he hears Xiangyun’s words, he can’t help but be skeptical and turn his head to Ye Yu!
Jiuzhong shook his head in his heart when he saw it. It’s really many years since I’ve seen such a simple baby. Xiangyun can’t even tell such a lie. !
However, just because I saw these people’s simple thoughts, I couldn’t help but want to accept their thoughts. These people are not bad at their skills. Once they can be included, they will definitely be a force that will not be ignored!
Thinking of this nine-fold way, "more words speak louder than words. Ye Yu knows where those women are detained and wants him to take you to see those women who are detained and ravaged by Ouyang Tianque. I believe you will know who is lying!" Say nine heavy low ask Ye Yu "you must know where they are? !”
"Of course!" Ye Yu nodded to all the Teng Longge brothers. "I can take you there now! !”
"no!" Ye Yu’s voice just fell and suddenly a sound came out from an ancient pavilion on the front, followed by a loud bang. The roof of the pavilion collapsed and a fiery figure rose into the sky!
Chapter one hundred and twenty The strongest state
The fire shadow flew to the top and stopped. The fire faded. A tall old man with tall hair, fair face, air style and long beard walked slowly from the middle school like a fairy!
Jiuchong recognized this man as Ouyang Tianque, the owner of Tenglong Pavilion!
See ouyang tianque fantastic skill from half by walking to all don’t gape stay on the spot nine heavy also a face of dignified color eyebrows locked heart secretly muttered "royal … break the holy spirit! !”
In the crowd’s gawking, Ouyang Tianque has come to set foot on the ground. Opposite Jiuchong, he will be shocked. Xiangyun will react and be ecstatic. She will step forward and say, "Madam, you have finally made a congratulations on your miraculous achievement ~!" Said a finger nine heavy hate way "cabinet Lord he is nine heavy this little too hard has killed us Tenglongge hundreds of brother with bloody hands! Master, you must let us make the decision! !”
Ouyang Tianque waved his hand and said, "Stand back!"
Xiangyun smell speech obediently stepped aside. Just now, a face of schadenfreude looked at the nine-fold heart and nine-fold you are finished! You’re dead this time! !
Ouyang Tianque gently twisted the silver beard and looked at Jiuchong with a sneer. "Hum, I didn’t rush to find you, but you rushed to find me?" Very good, very good, this saves me from coming to you ~! "
"Mom dare to scold our boss getting you an old deathlessly! !” The Dragon Tooth Guards heard Ouyang Tianque scold Jiuzhong and quit. They will shoot Ouyang Tianque with their guns!
However, it was stopped by Jiuchong. Jiuchong held Li Tang’s hand and shook his head. "There is no god-level fighter … just playing the root can’t resist him!"


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